Best way to drive good traffic to your website

Normally getting traffic to your website can be done through a host of ways including SEO and content marketing can give bring you the traffic you desire. However, there’s a catch, it takes so long a time that if you’re looking to publicize something real fast, this wait will exhaust you.

So if you’ve decided that those methods are too slow, then here are some really good ways to drive that traffic to your desired status.

Make Guest Posts – wherever you are, you already know some people who have their own traffic. These are usually authorities and you can bet that if you get featured there, your traffic will be on the rise. However, if the brand you plan to get featured on is very big, it makes it harder for yours to be seen. For this reason, you might want you might want to start with a smaller host.

Secondly, while making a guest post, you can also ensure that your content has good value and authority. You will be surprised as to how much direct traffic you’ll get from such post and it will also help in content marketing and search engine optimization as well.


The Social Media Audience The social media audience is one of the most unpredictable audiences you can think of. You never know if they will actually respond or not, but then you have to try. You’ll have to build the audience on your social platform to a point where you have very vivid and active followers that will not just cause traffic on your blog, but also increase the traffic by spreading the information and the content they get from your blog. Do not doubt it, social media can make you famous. There are just a couple of things you should do and they include having conversations with your followers, liking and being active on their posts, and also telling them about your brand. In no time with such a relationship, you’ll garner as much traffic as you need.


Get Influencers Remember how we talked about guest posts at the beginning? It’s almost the same thing; the only difference is that, instead of writing about them on another site, you take a different approach. Here, you’ll have to start up a discussion with the high profile personality, talk about what they do, tell them what you do and ask if they’ll like you to write about it. They might oblige but if they don’t, don’t give up it’s a process, and eventually, after the person must have seen your other works, he will have a change of mind.


Use of Paid Ads Most people think that paid ads are not so good because when the budget is off, the ad goes off. Regardless of that, I still consider it a way of making your traffic grows. What you do here is pay upfront for your advert and get it running at the appointed days. It turns out very useful at the end of the day. Some paid ads you can use are Reddit ads, Google AdWords, LinkedIn ads, bing ads, twitter and Facebook ads.

Run Promotional Contests Contests are also Luke running paid ads but the difference is that you’re creating opportunities for people to win stuff and your traffic is growing at the same time. Good traffic can never come rushed but, it does not really mean that it should be slow either. When you run contests online, your followers will share the information to get their friends to partake in the opportunity. This will in turn help to build traffic on your blog as well.

In Conclusion, driving fast traffic can be something really good but some folks go the wrong way about it. Doing things the right way may not seem fast enough but most times it pays off. These methods, however, will speed up your traffic drive and of course, in a good way.

How PPC Made Me Enjoy My Adventurous Lifestyle

PPC simply means pay per click. It is an advertising model used by publishers and bloggers to make funds even without having to be on top of the issue. It is a model that involves the splitting of the advertisement fee per click on the ad. Meaning that as much clicks from visitors as the ad gets, that’s how much you’ll get paid.

Let’s look at some of the benefits that you could get from being a blogger who’s into the PPC advertisements.

Firstly, as earlier stated, it is a model where your payment comes by just a click. So this will not be a problem at all and as a matter of fact, you can get your payment wherever you are in the world. If you love to explore and travel like I do, I guarantee that you will enjoy this a lot.

Secondly, apart from the money that you get from these advertisements, it also serves as a way of getting massive traffic to your blog. The more ads people see on your blog or redirected to your blog, the more visitors you get. These things sometimes work as secret investments into other areas of your career.

Also, content marketing has been one way to get traffic to your blog, but when you go really far in PPC advertisements things become different. Your followers will market your content unknowingly by sharing some of the opportunities they find on your ads. Most people do not believe this actually works but it sure does over time.

I’m a traveler and a person who likes adventures and frankly, I never saw myself staying in one place for far too long. For this to be possible as I work, it means I need to work as much as possible from wherever I can. That’s the thing, it cannot be a vacation if I travel all the way to work as well, but I really don’t have to. Yes, all I have to do is get the jobs, set them up and have my bandwagon of followers click the ads and there’s money in my account. Yes, the system works for me and not the other way around. This is not to say that it is a very easy job and doesn’t come with challenges but, it sure has its own benefits.

Another thing that I’ve benefited from the success of this model is the fact that, I’ve gotten really high recommendations. Initially at the start, getting jobs like this was not really very easy but eventually, it got better and now I don’t need to hustle for this jobs anymore. Now my clients have to bid for them or just accept the flat rate I offer.

In conclusion, being successful in the pay per click advertisements business as a blogger seems to some people as impossible. As a matter of fact, they consider it something that doesn’t really accrue as many benefits as the main blog post. With my dedication to this job, I’ve been able to conjure the success I have today and enjoy living my life on the side as well.

Pay Per Click -How It Works For Blogs

Pay per click is an internet advertising model that is basically useful in directing traffic to a website or blog by a simple arrangement which involves the advertiser paying the blogger or publisher whenever the ad is clicked.

This model of advertising is mostly associated with search engines such as google AdWords, Microsoft bing Ads etc.

The main purpose of this advertisement method is to identify vividly the benefits and profitability of online and digital marketing. It also helps to know how effective the ad was and how much attention was paid to it.

How Does Pay Per Click Work? The construction of pay per click is actually very easy to understand. It is calculated by the division of the advertising cost by the number of adverts clicked. This simply means that the blogger gets his pay from the number of ads clicked by visitors.

There are two types of models used to determine pay per click advertising method and they are; flat-rate and bid rate. For both of these cases, the advertiser has to consider how much value he gets per click from a visitor. To determine that, he must also know the type of visitors he hopes to attract with that ad. Yes, just like every other form of advertising, targeting is the prerequisite to the goal you’re trying to achieve.

Flat Rate PPC In the flat rate PPC, the advertiser and the publisher deliberate on how much the advert will cost and then divide it per clicks. In most cases, the publisher already has a card with all the rates in it for different networks. The flat rate prices are usually minimal as the sites used for the advert placements are usually filled with paid ads as well.

Bid-Based Rate This is a method that requires the advertisers to sign a contract that allows them and other advertisers bid for an ad space with the publishers. The advertisers tell the publishers how much they’re willing to pay for an advertisement post based on keyword. The auction is usually in an automated fashion which makes it easier. So when the advertisement spot comes up on the search engine result page, the automation takes place. With this method, the bids for a keyword that has its targets on a visitor’s location, time, day, and time or period of search will be compared and a winner selected.


In conclusion, Pay per click advertising is one very superb shortcut to digital marketing. Many bloggers who have an idea about it, use it as a source of gathering traffic to their sites and sites they advertise for. It is one way to know how profitable and effective digital marketing is, and slowly but surely it is becoming really effective. There are two methods for this internet marketing model and they are; the flat rate and bid based rate. As a blogger, you can employ one method or both, just be properly informed about it.

Must-Learn Backpacking Tips For Beginners

Backpacking is no doubt a wonderful experience, and many have aspired to have such a trip to relax and just see the world. As it is known, this act of travelling will only necessitate the presence of a trusty backpack, along with the essentials inside it. But it so happens that even with the limited luggage size, it involves much more preparation.


Hence, supposing you are a beginner backpacker, it is best to get to know these tips to get you ready to face the uncertainties and adventures of this kind of journey.

First of all, you have to start small. Do not go all out just yet. You can think of this as the trial period. Schedule a weekend, perhaps, and make it to be a nearby area. This will be the time you will decide if you like what you are doing and if you are willing to continue it.

It is, of course, of extreme importance to dwell a lot on the gear you are to bring. You have to invest on a bag that is very sturdy to carry all your things. Test if you can be able to handle its overall weight as well. Beforehand, you have to think of possible problem scenarios. For example, what if it rains? What if you do not get to have phone signal? What if you end up in a place without electricity? Be prepared to face and solve such situations by packing the right stuff.

Having a companion may be advantageous too. When you are with someone else, at the very least you have the backup when small and big difficulties arise. On top of that, researching before you travel is a must. Get to know your route as much as you can. Read blogs and take note of advices that will make the tour easier and more enjoyable.

Best Budget Friendly Destinations for 2015

On a tight budget this year but you clearly want to travel far and just be on your own and spend the day in great white sand? Don’t worry about it now, we got your dreams right here. From high-style and world class shopping spree to wonderful scenery and visiting some unrivaled art, culture and food in different places with a little budget, these are the perfect places that everyone should be visiting real soon and planned it on ahead to include in their itinerary.

So, shall we begin the tour?

1. Barcelona, Spain

If you prefer to visit a place where food and art collides, Barcelona is the perfect spot for you. There are many tourists who love to visit the place because of these two reasons. It is a sweet spot that’s long been a great vacation getaway for all.

When you do visit this place, don’t forget to visit the La Sagrada Familia, Park Güell, and La Pedrera at Casa Milà when you do book for this amazing place. Just be sure to avoid being locked out of something you came all the way to Barcelona to see. Use Barcelona as your base for exploring this part of Spain, as most places can easily be done as day trips from the city.

2. Bogota, Colombia

When it comes to festivities and great outdoor adventure, Bogota is the place you’ll ever want to visit this year. They got these vibrant festivals, exotic flora, acclaimed coffee plantations and of course, their diverse terrains from rain forests to Caribbean beaches they have are all authentically Colombia property that you should include in your bucket list.

If you are into Hispanic traditions, be sure to visit their artifacts, mining tradition, Gold Museum and above all, don’t forget to snap some beautiful shots in their amazing panoramic view of the metropolis from Mount Monserrate’s summit. Go affordable, isolated, and eco-friendly by living on a coffee farm in Bogota, Colombia.

3. Cairns (The Great Barrier Reef)

Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef is perfectly amazing when summer comes because that’s when the time all the airfare dropped nearly 30 percent in their ticket price and they also offers package deals that are down more than 40 percent than the regular price. It’s pretty awesome, right?

Now, if you want to get up close and personal with the world’s biggest and greatest coral reef system, that includes more than 1,000 varieties of tropical fish, plus dolphins, reef sharks (not the dangerous ones absolutely) and sea turtles, you need to book this place and include in your itinerary now. The Great Barrier Reef offers more than 1,400 miles of snorkelling and scuba diving, and you don’t have to be an experienced diver to drink it all in.

4. Bali, Indonesia

If you will have to be on a tight budget and still want to travel this year, Bali is your right choice. If you’ve considered this Pacific paradise off-limits financially, this may be your year. Their hotel prices are mostly on down percent especially if you want to travel for experience and you are in a frugal lifestyle.

When you are in Bali, be sure to take a lot of pictures, relax on distinctive black-sand beaches, get in the water for world-class surfing and diving or better yet, explore the island’s jungle interior with its magnificent volcanoes and great temples surrounding the places. Whether you plant yourself on a beach or in the heart of Ubud, remember that you’ve come to Bali to be soothed into a state of perfect relaxation by the natural beauty and unique music and cultural traditions of this perfect island.

5. Milan, Italy

Now for the final place, we save you the best and definitely worth visiting for. If you’ve always wanted to go to Italy, this is the year to do it. They have got the biggest city culture that you could ever see in your entire life. And, the best part of it is that the whole city is an absolute natural beauty from top to the end part. It is really that beautiful.

There’s so much more to Milan than shopping. Stroll the easy-to-navigate streets of Milan’s historic city center and visit the Duomo, one of Italy’s most spectacular churches. Craving the countryside? Don’t miss Lake Como, a beautiful natural haven home to George Clooney and hundreds of tiny picturesque towns like Gravedona, Bellagio, Brunate, and Como that are begging to be explored. Milan is definitely the perfect spot to serve as your base for exploring or could be the start of your never ending journey towards another adventure in other countries.

Travellers Must-Have Items

Adventure is the dream of every traveller. And in that every dream adventure of that aspiring traveller, there is always that mystery and maybe danger coming in the way. Since being a traveller is not all that safe as it may seem, being able to prepare essential stuffs and items for the journey is really a must.

Today, many aspiring travellers just doesn’t have that enough experience to be able to survive the wilderness experience or in even outdoors. Because of this, every aspiring travellers must be able to have at least an idea about what should they be bringing on to their journey. These travellers must have items can guide them. These are mostly essential for an adventurer’s good start in their journey. With these essential must have items, traveller’s can enjoy their journey without having difficulty adjusting to certain environment. They can still experience the comfort that they can feel at home even when they are on a journey, may it be in the wilderness or outdoors.

A successful expedition or adventure has first of all to do with your attitude, mental capacity and focus. Living in the wilderness or outdoor is after all hard.

Sleeping Bag
One of the most important things that a traveller should bring is the sleeping bag. It is important for a traveller to be able to sleep well during the night. After all the hiking, running, walking and other activities, you will really need a good night’s rest, don’t you think? Having enough night’s rest can fuel your energy for the next day’s another journey and adventure.

Well, a mattress is comfort for your sleeping, do have one. Choose a foam ridge rest or an inflatable mattress – or both for full protection. A puncture on the inflatable one is not unusual.

A tent is also important. It will be like your won house wherever you will be staying for the night. You could always just sleep outside, but using a tent can offer you more private space for yourself. And also, there may be dangers in the place you are staying; being inside the tent may help at least, for your protection.

Stove (pots, pans, eating utensils)
Foods are important and you should be able to cook them. Warm and tasty foods are after all essential to get piece of mind and energy for the day’s journey. If venturing into the developing world, petrol is the only choice as fuel or firewood. But then you have to know how to make a fire.

Good thermal clothes are the best choice for any climate. Trousers and shirt plus rain-and-wind gear can help give space for your knees and elbow thus making you be able to move freely.

It is highly suggested that you should wear sneakers. It gives ease in every activities you do as well as comfort.

Head cover, Head lamp and Batteries
A head cover, preferably a big-brimmed one, makes a big difference in any climate really. It shields you from sun, rain and overheating – or getting too cold. A head lamp is extremely important to be able to set up camp, cook and survive when it’s dark and make sure that you have enough batteries to replace the non-working ones.

There is already GPS, but don’t use it too much often. You may need a lot of batteries to be able to use it. Only use the GPS for security, not for navigation. Instead, use the manual compass for you to be able to be extremely aware where you are and what you’re surrounding looks like.

First Aid Kit
This may be the most important item. You will need some basic medicine to keep you going until you can get proper help.

Knife, Lighters, Matches and Duct tape
Knife is very important. You will need it from making a good fire to cutting your foods. It may also come in handy for other things. Lighters and matches will help you build fire and don’t underestimate the use of duct tape. It can pretty much fix anything.

Waterbottle or a CamelBak
Water is very essential to your travel. It will keep you hydrated.

Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Shampoo, Soap, and Towel
Hygiene is also important even you are travelling. Opt to have your toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, soap and towels ready. You may not be able to take your bathe everyday during your travel, but at least you have them ready when you will be able to do so.

Maps, Passport, Money and other essential documents like Cellphone and Camera or even Solar Panel.




You could say the word is as stellar as when you say the word “organic” so that healthy diners would want to eat your dishes. It’s a buzzword. It’s a traveller’s nightmare turning into dreams.

Many say it’s the solution to creative blocks. Others say it helped them find their purpose in becoming entrepreneurs.

I say that we should just travel for the sake of travelling.

Travelling is expensive. For some people, that expense could just be the plane ticket. Some people consider the lack of time travelling as part of the troublesome expense when it comes to travelling.

But backpacking should solve expenses, right?

Wrong. When you go backpacking, you put yourself in harms way. Of course, you don’t do that headfirst. What I meant to say is that things will and will continue to happen.

I haven’t heard of a traveller who had a happy start with backpacking. Even my first backpacking experience didn’t go so well.

Picture this. I only had £1000 in my pocket and I had no reservations, but I was lost in Bali, Indonesia. I didn’t speak a word of the local dialect and could only cue to people what I want to do.

Right there and there, I realised that I was getting lost. At first I was afraid. I was thinking, “how am I going to go home?”,”I might get robbed”, “what am I supposed to do?”

A fellow named Robert Burns was an American who spoke the dialect very well. He helped me out when I was paying for the bus. Then he helped me get a hotel room for myself. I wanted to pay him for his help, but he said:

It’s your first backpacking trip, I know. It’s rough but it’s fun, right?”

Until now, we’re still talking and backpacking together along with other friends we’ve come on the road.

This is what real backpacking is. At least for me.

It’s about meeting new people, making new relationships. Seeing the world through different lenses. Working with small budgets. Sleeping in trains or taking 8-hour flights.

Whichever works for you, as long as you pick up the right values and experience the good things you’re looking for, you’re having the right sense of what is backpacking.

Why Is Everyone Flocking To Loire Valley, France?!

Seriously, why are people so addicted to head to Loire Valley, France?”

That was the question I asked myself in January of 2014 (long before I even thought of making a blog about my travels). Truth be told, I felt that France was overrated. The French culture, the French wine and cheese, the lifestyle, I didn’t much like it.

This is probably because for most of my travels, I love heading towards the wilderness and outskirt towns and villages. With a gigantic backpack, I settle with the oldest-looking inn you see and I’m reminded of how people in the 18th century used to travel and get lodging.

So, back to France. Why would I want to travel in a stuffy, crummy European city that’s just the neighbour of the UK? Bloody hell, why even go for a Eurotrip, right?

So I one day decided to travel and see what France and Loire Valley is about (I know, the irony). I didn’t like Paris so much because it looks like London. But I did love seeing the castles on my way and when I was in Loire Valley.

Nothing Special

At first glance, there was nothing special about the place. It’s a stuffy little nature reserve, which I’m particularly used to seeing. But then again, I got to the gardens.

According to a study in 2010 by the Val de Loire Central Region Tourist Board, “Sedentary” Tourists, as they would call them, would love to stay inside the castles.

But nobody noticed the gardens.

Sedentary. It’s an appropriate word for tourists who just love to stay in just one place. The statistics show that 25% of these travellers are British and 22% following are the dutch. The French love their culture with 76% of them being the sedentary traveller types (while most are day-trippers).

So, I saw these beauties while I was there. I think you’ll want to head there yourself as you are mesmerised by my descriptions:

Chateau d’Ainay le Vieil

This has a resembling style with the medieval town of Carcassonne. Surrounding it is a rose garden with more or less 180 varieties. There are four different walled areas too: a fruit garden, a herb garden, a meditation garden and a white garden. It is located in the department of Cher, south of Saint Amand Montrond.

Chateau de Villandry

It is said to be the most amazing among all the gardens in Loire Valley. This statement is with evidence as the Chateau de Villandry was awarded as 2nd place as Best Park in a competition in France. This was in the years 2003 and 2005 but until the present times, it stands to be outstanding in design and plant life. Formal gardening is at its finest here as there are 9 hectares filled with vegetables and there are water and ornamental gardens as well. The entirety is situated in the centre of France.

Chateau de Chenonceau

The area consists of many gardens but with two that are most significant. These are the Catherine de Medicis and Diane de Poitiers. The names were after the women of Henry II; Catherine was his wife while Diane was his mistress. Anyhow, both are lovely spaces to be in. Diane’s garden is a formal garden with an ornamental fountain at the centre. It is plentiful with flower beds as well. Catherine’s garden, on the other hand, prides itself on its orange and rose trees. This is coupled with flowers and vegetables too.

Jardins du Grand Courtoiseau

Another attraction in central France is this set of gardens. This 6-acre space was able to bag numerous prizes from 3rd and 4th places for Best Park in France in the years 2004 and 2005, respectively. Topiary or simply the trimming of shrubs and trees to form decorative shapes is implemented for a great stylish effect. On top of that, English roses fill the area.

Still, it didn’t change my viewpoint on French metropolises, but if you’d ask if France had a beautiful backyard, it sure does!

Your Travel Health Is Wealth: My Travel Health Mishap

Aside from my peculiar way of titling my posts, I must emphasize that it is extremely important you take care of your health while you’re travelling.

I must admit, it’s exhilirating to see so many new things once you’re out in the open. India’s wilderness, for example, is a great start. However, you will and always will be exposed to the pollution of different metropolises. You will contract foreign bacteria that your body hasn’t defended itsel from before.

So keep yourself fit, or at least have your healthy safeguards before you leave, especially if you’re going on a real travel such as backpacking.

I learned this the hard way during one of my journeys. I was enjoying the beautiful forests and beautiful geography that the Norwegian wild has to offer. While I was out camping, I contracted some sort of malaria.

Quickly, my camp-mates rushed me to the nearest town hospital, which then transported me to the Norwegian metropolis to give me first aid and proper treatment.

I had spent more than £3000 for my medical bills. That, and my long-running avoidance of insurance had made things really worse.

So, to start with, here’s a checklist:

  • Buy local insect repellant before you go camping. And make sure you have tons of it.
  • Always sterilise your food before you consume it. Boiling the food before cooking it makes things a bit better (and healthier)
  • Take some vitamin C with you and some stomach pills or other kinds of first aid medicine you can when going out. You never know when you might need it.
  • Always check the health and safety regulations of travel agencies.

Me And My Big Backpack

I’m Johnny G.

I love travelling. As you’ve noticed, I also love hiding my real surname. This is because I believe when you provide information your true identity doesn’t really matter. Or maybe I picked that line up from some action movie.

Regardless, welcome to the first post in my blog, which is the welcome page. Welcome!





Now, I hope Google doesn’t consider that as a spam.

Anyhow, with my energetic personality, I’d like to talk to you about the thing I love the most: travelling.

But I’m not talking about the do-it-with-your-travel-agent and know what to expect kind of travel. This is about a firsthand experience in travelling.

I’m pretty sure you’ve read some of these things at Elite Daily, but what I mean to say is, backpacking.

Backpacking gets you to places you’ve never been before along with situations that you haven’t handled before. This is a great way to know yourself better.

This is why I am addicted to travelling. It’s because I get to know more and more about myself and the world around me.

So, if you’re decided and you’d like to go on a personal adventure, maybe you’d like to read mine first. And my story begins here, in this very blog.

I hope you pick up something useful from here! Just contact me if you need anything or you’d like me to join your adventure for the ultimate stranger-buddy experience!