The primary objective of this holiday blog site is to discuss my travel encounters and with any luck motivate others to travel. When researching my very own travels I always concentrate on the photos and with that in thought, I have actually tried to put an emphasis on travel pictures of my favoured destinations. I’ve likewise tried to focus on those locations to visit and things to do that are slightly off the beaten track of the normal journey.

I’ve been traveling because simply after I completed my degree; a month in Thailand soon turned into a couple of years throughout Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Fiji, Indonesia, Iceland etc etc. You actually don’t require to be rich to travel you simply require to desire it terribly enough. I have actually decided to offer this whole blog thing a go, upgrade you on my location, inform some tales and convince you that you could take a trip on a spending plan just as I have actually done.

I’ve been running a business on the road through PPC,  blogging and affiliate marketing and I would want to share it to interested people through this blog.

See you on the road!

-Johnny G.

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