Best way to drive good traffic to your website

Normally getting traffic to your website can be done through a host of ways including SEO and content marketing can give bring you the traffic you desire. However, there’s a catch, it takes so long a time that if you’re looking to publicize something real fast, this wait will exhaust you.

So if you’ve decided that those methods are too slow, then here are some really good ways to drive that traffic to your desired status.

Make Guest Posts – wherever you are, you already know some people who have their own traffic. These are usually authorities and you can bet that if you get featured there, your traffic will be on the rise. However, if the brand you plan to get featured on is very big, it makes it harder for yours to be seen. For this reason, you might want you might want to start with a smaller host.

Secondly, while making a guest post, you can also ensure that your content has good value and authority. You will be surprised as to how much direct traffic you’ll get from such post and it will also help in content marketing and search engine optimization as well.


The Social Media Audience The social media audience is one of the most unpredictable audiences you can think of. You never know if they will actually respond or not, but then you have to try. You’ll have to build the audience on your social platform to a point where you have very vivid and active followers that will not just cause traffic on your blog, but also increase the traffic by spreading the information and the content they get from your blog. Do not doubt it, social media can make you famous. There are just a couple of things you should do and they include having conversations with your followers, liking and being active on their posts, and also telling them about your brand. In no time with such a relationship, you’ll garner as much traffic as you need.


Get Influencers Remember how we talked about guest posts at the beginning? It’s almost the same thing; the only difference is that, instead of writing about them on another site, you take a different approach. Here, you’ll have to start up a discussion with the high profile personality, talk about what they do, tell them what you do and ask if they’ll like you to write about it. They might oblige but if they don’t, don’t give up it’s a process, and eventually, after the person must have seen your other works, he will have a change of mind.


Use of Paid Ads Most people think that paid ads are not so good because when the budget is off, the ad goes off. Regardless of that, I still consider it a way of making your traffic grows. What you do here is pay upfront for your advert and get it running at the appointed days. It turns out very useful at the end of the day. Some paid ads you can use are Reddit ads, Google AdWords, LinkedIn ads, bing ads, twitter and Facebook ads.

Run Promotional Contests Contests are also Luke running paid ads but the difference is that you’re creating opportunities for people to win stuff and your traffic is growing at the same time. Good traffic can never come rushed but, it does not really mean that it should be slow either. When you run contests online, your followers will share the information to get their friends to partake in the opportunity. This will in turn help to build traffic on your blog as well.

In Conclusion, driving fast traffic can be something really good but some folks go the wrong way about it. Doing things the right way may not seem fast enough but most times it pays off. These methods, however, will speed up your traffic drive and of course, in a good way.