How PPC Made Me Enjoy My Adventurous Lifestyle

PPC simply means pay per click. It is an advertising model used by publishers and bloggers to make funds even without having to be on top of the issue. It is a model that involves the splitting of the advertisement fee per click on the ad. Meaning that as much clicks from visitors as the ad gets, that’s how much you’ll get paid.

Let’s look at some of the benefits that you could get from being a blogger who’s into the PPC advertisements.

Firstly, as earlier stated, it is a model where your payment comes by just a click. So this will not be a problem at all and as a matter of fact, you can get your payment wherever you are in the world. If you love to explore and travel like I do, I guarantee that you will enjoy this a lot.

Secondly, apart from the money that you get from these advertisements, it also serves as a way of getting massive traffic to your blog. The more ads people see on your blog or redirected to your blog, the more visitors you get. These things sometimes work as secret investments into other areas of your career.

Also, content marketing has been one way to get traffic to your blog, but when you go really far in PPC advertisements things become different. Your followers will market your content unknowingly by sharing some of the opportunities they find on your ads. Most people do not believe this actually works but it sure does over time.

I’m a traveler and a person who likes adventures and frankly, I never saw myself staying in one place for far too long. For this to be possible as I work, it means I need to work as much as possible from wherever I can. That’s the thing, it cannot be a vacation if I travel all the way to work as well, but I really don’t have to. Yes, all I have to do is get the jobs, set them up and have my bandwagon of followers click the ads and there’s money in my account. Yes, the system works for me and not the other way around. This is not to say that it is a very easy job and doesn’t come with challenges but, it sure has its own benefits.

Another thing that I’ve benefited from the success of this model is the fact that, I’ve gotten really high recommendations. Initially at the start, getting jobs like this was not really very easy but eventually, it got better and now I don’t need to hustle for this jobs anymore. Now my clients have to bid for them or just accept the flat rate I offer.

In conclusion, being successful in the pay per click advertisements business as a blogger seems to some people as impossible. As a matter of fact, they consider it something that doesn’t really accrue as many benefits as the main blog post. With my dedication to this job, I’ve been able to conjure the success I have today and enjoy living my life on the side as well.