Like what I said in my description, this blog is dedicated to helping people travel on a budget. With this in mind, we’ll be discussing a few things. First, we’ll be talking about

1. Budget

Backpacking became famous with people who want to travel but are on a tightened budget. Let’s face it, budgeting isn’t a forte of anybody (unless you’re quite accustomed to living below your means, which not all of us are quite fond of). A vacation is something that you want to splurge and experience. But that’s leisure travel.

When you go backpacking, you face the fact that the following day your budget might not work. Having a budget is important, but it’s not enough to safeguard you from everything. Planning it right, you have an accurate shot at making your vacation very much enjoyable, though.

2. Expectations

I’d like to make it clear that your expectations of your vacation determine the amount of your travel expense. Do you expect to enjoy Disneyland when you get to the United States? Do you expect to save money when you travel to Universal Studios in Japan?

This website isn’t a miracle worker, but it will help keep your focus and your expectations in check.

3. Experience

When you travel, it isn’t all about the expenses or things you’ll be enjoying. It’s the experience of managing your expectations, working with your budget and seeing how well you could enjoy your vacation given some limitations in your travel options. Yes, it’s a tedious task that one might not really enjoy, but when you reap the fruits of your labour, you’ll be amazed with how much you could enjoy travelling without worrying about your expenses.


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