Pay Per Click -How It Works For Blogs

Pay per click is an internet advertising model that is basically useful in directing traffic to a website or blog by a simple arrangement which involves the advertiser paying the blogger or publisher whenever the ad is clicked.

This model of advertising is mostly associated with search engines such as google AdWords, Microsoft bing Ads etc.

The main purpose of this advertisement method is to identify vividly the benefits and profitability of online and digital marketing. It also helps to know how effective the ad was and how much attention was paid to it.

How Does Pay Per Click Work? The construction of pay per click is actually very easy to understand. It is calculated by the division of the advertising cost by the number of adverts clicked. This simply means that the blogger gets his pay from the number of ads clicked by visitors.

There are two types of models used to determine pay per click advertising method and they are; flat-rate and bid rate. For both of these cases, the advertiser has to consider how much value he gets per click from a visitor. To determine that, he must also know the type of visitors he hopes to attract with that ad. Yes, just like every other form of advertising, targeting is the prerequisite to the goal you’re trying to achieve.

Flat Rate PPC In the flat rate PPC, the advertiser and the publisher deliberate on how much the advert will cost and then divide it per clicks. In most cases, the publisher already has a card with all the rates in it for different networks. The flat rate prices are usually minimal as the sites used for the advert placements are usually filled with paid ads as well.

Bid-Based Rate This is a method that requires the advertisers to sign a contract that allows them and other advertisers bid for an ad space with the publishers. The advertisers tell the publishers how much they’re willing to pay for an advertisement post based on keyword. The auction is usually in an automated fashion which makes it easier. So when the advertisement spot comes up on the search engine result page, the automation takes place. With this method, the bids for a keyword that has its targets on a visitor’s location, time, day, and time or period of search will be compared and a winner selected.


In conclusion, Pay per click advertising is one very superb shortcut to digital marketing. Many bloggers who have an idea about it, use it as a source of gathering traffic to their sites and sites they advertise for. It is one way to know how profitable and effective digital marketing is, and slowly but surely it is becoming really effective. There are two methods for this internet marketing model and they are; the flat rate and bid based rate. As a blogger, you can employ one method or both, just be properly informed about it.