Your Travel Health Is Wealth: My Travel Health Mishap

Aside from my peculiar way of titling my posts, I must emphasize that it is extremely important you take care of your health while you’re travelling.

I must admit, it’s exhilirating to see so many new things once you’re out in the open. India’s wilderness, for example, is a great start. However, you will and always will be exposed to the pollution of different metropolises. You will contract foreign bacteria that your body hasn’t defended itsel from before.

So keep yourself fit, or at least have your healthy safeguards before you leave, especially if you’re going on a real travel such as backpacking.

I learned this the hard way during one of my journeys. I was enjoying the beautiful forests and beautiful geography that the Norwegian wild has to offer. While I was out camping, I contracted some sort of malaria.

Quickly, my camp-mates rushed me to the nearest town hospital, which then transported me to the Norwegian metropolis to give me first aid and proper treatment.

I had spent more than £3000 for my medical bills. That, and my long-running avoidance of insurance had made things really worse.

So, to start with, here’s a checklist:

  • Buy local insect repellant before you go camping. And make sure you have tons of it.
  • Always sterilise your food before you consume it. Boiling the food before cooking it makes things a bit better (and healthier)
  • Take some vitamin C with you and some stomach pills or other kinds of first aid medicine you can when going out. You never know when you might need it.
  • Always check the health and safety regulations of travel agencies.

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